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Jack Pyke passive ear defenders
Tested and approved Padded ear cups and headband for optimum fit and comfort. Fully adjustable, slim line and lightweight This product complies with European Directive 89/686/EEC annex VI by means of European...
Napier ED100 ear defenders
Lightweight and effective the ED100 folding, passive ear defender is compact and popular with all shooters, particularly shotgun users.
Pro 9 hearing protection
Pro 9 Noise Cancelling Hearing Protection Exclusive, Patented Breakthrough Effective Noise Cancelling technology without Batteries, Electronics, valves, or any moving parts! Unique patented sound chamber...
Spypoint EM-24 ear muffs
Spypoint ear muffs are made of flexible cushioning that adapt around the ear. Longer lasting than ear plugs, the ear muffs are also less easy to misplace and adjustable to all head sizes. Available in...
Spypoint EEM2-24 electronic ear muffs
Spypoint electronic ear muffs offer hearing protection whilst still allowing lower volume external sounds to be heard by incorporating microphones into the design. Available in camo or green 2 microphones...