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Primos Trigger Sticks Rifle Rest
Turn any tripod into a stable shooting rest wit the 2 Point Gun Rest. Quickly attaches to any tripod with a 1/4-20 thread pattern. Easily adjust the height and tilt. Great for ground blinds, youth and...
Parker-Hale express gun oil 125ml
Safe and effective lubricant for all firearms The light mineral oil is suitable for all moving parts of guns and firearms Removes moisture and provides corrosion protection The finest quality oil available...
Shotgun Double mop set
Sizes: 20 & .410 bore 2 soft cotton bore cleaners
Shotgun cleaning kit
Contains: 3 piece brass rod set 2 x wool mops 1 x bronze wire brush Black plastic storage box Sizes: 12, 20 & 410 bore
Spypoint 1 litre stainless steel flask
1L, Stainless steel vacuum flask. Camo pattern
phosphor bronze brush
Top quality wire-wound spiral wound bronze brush to fit all napier and most other uk cleaning rods. Ideal for application of rifle clean
Rapid degreaser
The very latest product in the Napier gun care line up is now available. RAPID Degreaser is a powerful cleaning agent suitable for any type of firearm, its blend of solvents, very quickly cuts through...
rifle clean
A uniquely textured highly absorbent and amazingly strong material for the effective cleaning of all guns, with a particular emphasis on rifled bores. Out performs cloth patches in every way and being...
super clean
A non woven smooth bore gun cleaning material with a textured construction to ensure the swift removal of fouling and excess solvents from shotguns. It is supplied in a 14 metre roll and is dispensed from...
universal rifle pull through kit
The introduction of the new ULTRACLEAN material recently has allowed Napier to develop a remarkable new Universal Rifle Pull Through Cleaning Kit. Using the High performance dual action properties of ULTRACLEAN,...