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1lb canvas training dummy
1lb Dummy, The popular and essential part of training or competitions. The 1lb hand throwing dummies are ideal for simple, blind and directional retrieves on both land and in water.
2lb canvas training dummy
2lb Training Dummy by Sporting Saint We noticed while out picking up this season that some of the cock pheasants and Drake's seem to be gaining size and weight! Therefore the 2lb dummy will make a great...
3 piece rabbit dummy
The Sporting Saint - 3 Piece Rabbit Dummy Middle section of the 3 Piece Dummy is covered in rabbit fur, encouraging the dog to pick the dummy up in the middle and get used to picking up fur/game. Large...
3lb canvas training dummy
3lb hand throwing dummy with throwing toggle. The 3lb hand throwing dummies are ideal for simple, blind and directional retrieves, both on land and in water. please note the 3lb dummy is double the size...
Dummy ball
The ' Dummy Ball ' Small Easy to Throw Great aid for training and starting young dogs off, or getting a dog interested in picking up dummies! Also helps in the training of more advanced dogs as when the...
Handheld Dummy launcher
Trains your dog to work to shot under conditions of control. Helps the dog get used to the sound of gunfire. The launcher can fire over distance allowing a good variance in retrieves into water, over hedges,...
Rabbit ball
The Sporting Saint 'Famous Rabbit Ball! ' Very good training aid or for fun use Rolls along the ground leaving a scent trail Great training tool for encouraging young or adult dogs that do not wish to...
Rabbit dummies
The 'sporting saint' rabbit dummy Rabbit hand throwing dummy with throwing toggle wrapped in rabbit fur. Scent can be applied Excellent Training Tool as allows your dog to become acustomed to picking up...
Soft mouthed dummies
These dummies are made with softer, more pliable plastic materials which give them the soft, supple feel of a real birds body. The exclusive, non-slip, 'S grip' technology design lets the dog's eye teeth...
Sporting saint remote control dummy launcher
The New and Improved 'SPORT GrousePRO' Remote Control Dummy Launcher What is New about the SPORT GrousePRO ?? UK designed and manufactured electronics Slim line design - the aerial has been built within...