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Tactical snood
Can be used as balaclava, hat or scarf. Made from part elasticated cotton which gives user comfort and movement. In green, V-Cam, coyote or titanium
Hazard 4 Undervest plain front battle polo
Knitted polo shirts have of late become ubiquitous in uniformed service. They are comfortable, light and inexpensive. They've seen little innovation from their golf roots, but Hazard 4 has made a few modifications...
Hazard 4 union jack 3D polymer patches
A Velcro backed Union flag for attaching to bags, packs and clothing. Available in four colours
Hazard 4 Action agent urban tactical softshell jacket
The addition of the softshell jacket was a major innovation in multi-weather outerwear. It allows use in both dry and wet conditions and in warmer and colder weather, since it sheds water while allowing...
Hazard 4 Beachhead fuzzy lycra hoodie
A modern, breathable lycra hoodie that uses moisture wicking brushed interior, which not only adds warmth, but does not absorb the moisture. This Hazard 4 hoodie has been designed with high UV protection,...
Hazard 4 Battle-T big softie cotton undervest t-shirt
Light under-vest t-shirt with soft velcro arm panels for I.D Patches. A simple, more traditional version of the Battle-t. Available in 2 colours and multiple sizes.
Hazard 4 Colonial safari stretch patch shirt
A modern tactical roll-up sleeve safari shirt with sleeve patches. Available in multiple sizes and comes in 2 colours. Features: - Modern tactical shirt - Roll-up sleeve - Includes sleeve pouches - Available...
Hazard 4 Tactical logo baseball cap
A simple, classic ball-cap pattern with a high quality embroidered Hazard 4 logo. This hat is made without a top-rivet so it can be used with hearing protection ear-muffs without digging into the top of...
Hazard 4 Aquatic division graphic t-shirt
Hazard 4 Aquatic division graphic t-shirt in 3 colours in XS upto 2XL
Hazard 4 Operator skull Graphic T-shirt
Hazard 4 Operator skull graphic tshirt available in 3 colours - black, green or coyote(beige), in XS upto 2XL
Hazard 4 Special forces graphic tshirt
Hazard 4 special forces graphic T-shirt in a choice of 3 colours - black, green or coyote (beige),in sizes XS upto 2XL
Hazard 4 Slim Tri fold kevlar wallet
Hazard 4 Wafer Slim tri-fold kevlar wallet